Why You Should Employ Nursing Home Lawyers

Nursing home lawyers are in the business of providing legal representation to individuals who may be facing a wrongful death or suffering physical injuries at the hands of their nursing home care givers. The experts in this area are highly qualified and trained in all areas of nursing home law. They have the expertise to help their clients obtain the compensation they deserve. In fact, these lawyers assist families in collecting all the evidence necessary to bring about a successful lawsuit.

“The dedicated Nursing Home Abuse, Medical Malpractice and Elder Law Section of Dalli & Marino, LLP provides comprehensive representation to the families of those who have suffered injury or death in a nursing home. Representation by our team of lawyers has resulted in large awards for our clients from both civil and criminal litigation actions. We have aggressively pursued our claim victims’ rights and have aggressively sought to hold the accountable parties accountable for their negligence and reckless actions which resulted in these unfortunate circumstances.”

The attorneys in Dalli & Marino are dedicated to protecting your civil and legal rights while staying apprised of the latest developments in the medical and nursing field. They are intimately involved in handling a wide array of complex cases, such as those arising from a death in the home. Some of the other major actions they may pursue are mesothelioma litigation, including a case brought by one of the families of a deceased plaintiff. Also, they may be called upon to represent mentally retarded individuals who are victims of custodial abuse and/or neglect.

One area that Dalli & Marino focus on is the New York State Tort Attorneys Association (NY STA). This organization represents the interests of injured people throughout the state. Attorneys work with the families and the injured person to ensure that their legal rights are protected, and they provide free legal advice to all clients who may become victims of neglect in a nursing home. They provide educational programs to educate families about the legalities of nursing home abuse and neglect. This service is offered free of charge.

For those who are interested in pursuing a wrongful death claim in a civil court, an attorney in the firm will work with a medical expert and toxicologist to investigate the cause of death. Once this is determined, the attorney will pursue discovery, interviewing a large number of staff members to elicit evidence of abuse and neglect. Interviewing witnesses and nursing home residents will further the research and allow the attorney to build a strong case against the facility. A key benefit of contacting a nursing home attorney is the firm’s ability to build a competent team of experts who have personal knowledge and experience in the area of nursing home malpractice. Additionally, nursing home neglect in the Bronx will ensure that your claim is presented in a manner that allows you to receive the largest amount of monetary compensation possible.

Because of the high level of personal responsibility inherent in nursing home operations, attorneys representing these homes will be very familiar with the process of recovering any evidence of abuse or neglect that might exist. Nursing home attorneys are also very familiar with the various safeguards that nursing home facilities utilize to prevent such situations from occurring. These attorneys are fully aware of the various evidentiary requirements that must be met in order to retain one of their clients as well as the various rules governing the storage of such evidence. Such attorneys will be absolutely certain that their client receives the maximum amount of compensation available to them based on the circumstances of his or her case.

In addition to the necessity of retaining such an attorney when filing a claim for punitive damages, the same lawyers also have the responsibility of assisting their clients with any civil remedies. Many times, individuals who suffer a nursing home injury do not know that there are actually laws which may enable them to recover compensation. Nursing home attorneys will work diligently to ensure their client obtains just compensation. Because of their knowledge of local and state regulations, nursing home attorneys will be often the first individuals to discover such regulations that have been violated.

Even if you do not suffer a nursing home injury, you may still wish to retain nursing home lawyers. If you or a loved one has fallen and suffered an injury at the hands of a nursing home staff member, you may wish to consult an attorney who is familiar with the laws governing nursing home care. The attorney will be able to determine whether or not your rights have been violated and will work to obtain the maximum amount of compensation.

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