What Is Consciousness? The Truth Revealed

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Hey guys, so today I want to explain to you the true nature of what consciousness really is.

Science, especially neuroscience, has been been grappling with the age old question of what consciousness truly is.

And guess what? science has it all wrong.

You see, science and civilization as a whole is currently locked in what is called the materialist paradigm, also known as materialism.

Materialism incorrectly makes the assumption that consciousness is secondary, that it is an emergent property.

Science tells you that consciousness stems from your brain.

This is a ridiculous notion, especially when you contemplate the epistemological belief that science holds, which is that everything is made of matter.

Science basically believes that existence is stupid and brute, that existence is basically a bunch of tiny balls (atoms) bouncing off of each other.

This notion is almost as ridiculous as the notion that some mathematicians hold about reality. There are some mathematicians that belief that reality is a mathematical formula, in the literal sense!

Science is making the mistake of confusing the map for the territory, in the deepest sense possible.

They are confusing conceptualizations and symbols for actuality.

Be very skeptical of the claims that people stuck in the materialist paradigm make, they claim to know what consciousness is, but they really don’t.

In order to understand what consciousness truly is you have to have several deep awakening experiences.

Do you know what would happen to a neuroscientist or any hardcore scientist if they actually discovered what consciousness?

They wouldn’t be a scientist anymore because they would stop being a scientist. They would be labeled a mystic or a sage. They would be enlightened.

In order for you to get a better understanding of consciousness I want to give you a list of what consciousnesses absolutely is not.

What consciousness is not:

  • It is not brain activity
  • It is not reason or knowledge
  • It is not rationality
  • It is not conventional intelligence
  • It is not emergent phenomena
  • It is not biological or exclusive to life
  • It is not dependent on life
  • It is not subjective experience
  • It is not perception
  • It is not localized
  • It does not emerge from physical entities
  • It does not occur space or time

Again, everything I listed above is not consciousness. Everything I listed above is the normal standard position of pretty much everyone.

The majority hold the position that consciousness is emergent property, which is false.

A prime example of this is a quote from the late Stephen Hawking, he stated:

“I think the brain is essentially a computer and consciousness is like a computer program. It will cease to run when the computer is turned off. Theoretically, it could be re-created on a neural network, but that would be very difficult, as it would require all one’s memories.”

Basically conventional science has this same perspective on consciousness.

Consciousness is viewed and compared to as software, and that this software is dependent on and hardware such as a hard drive.

Science is not understanding the nuance and profundity of consciousness.

So What Is Consciousness Really?

Stick with me as I know that my explanation and arguments will sound like circular reasoning, but as I stated earlier, all communication is invalid and wrong.

Consciousness can never be explained through language, which is symbolic and conceptional in essence. It can only be known through experience.

Even though the truth of consciousness cant be communicated I do believe that my explanations through reasoning will make more sense then the reasoning that is given by conventional science.

So I stated that consciousness is conventionally thought as some software that requires hardware.

What if I told you that in actuality consciousness is more like software, and this software is not dependent on any kind of hardware to exist, that it exists on its own?

Well that is in fact the truth.

Consciousness is fundamental to everything, everything is a substrate of it. It is so fundamental that it comes before existence itself.

Not only does it emerge from nothing, it is absolute nothingness. It is the nothingness from which everything, including existence, emerges from.

It’s very hard to communicate (actually impossible) the dept of pure nothingness. The best way I can explain it is like this, think of nothingness as existence without any of it’s properties, totally empty. Even this explanation doesn’t do it justice.

But Doesn’t Consciousness Emerge From The Brain?

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The most common argument I get from people goes something like this, but but obviously consciousness is just brain activity because if my brain is damaged it will effect my consciousness.

The problem with the brain argument is that people are not going deep enough epistemologically.

Ask yourself this, but how did the brain come into being? Is there not any consciousness at work for the brain to eventually come into being?

Again, everything stems from consciousness, even the fundamental laws of the universe is a substrate of it.

This is how I think of the brain argument, imagine playing a video game and you are controlling some character that has a brain, and all of a sudden that character falls and hits his head and dies.

The video game character died because in the game his livelihood stemmed from this head/brain, which is an illusion.

You as the one playing the video game would be representative of consciousness and the character in the game that you are controlling (including it’s brain) is an illusion.

Spiritual awaking would be like the character in the video game suddenly realizing that it itself is an illusion, that it is in the matrix and is controlled by a conscious force and that this conscious force is nothing/nothingness.

I know, this is some twisted stuff.

That’s how it is for us in our reality. As I talked about in my spiritual enlightenment article, your life is an illusion.

You think there is a you that is aware and you think it’s because of your brain, but in actuality nature is controlling you and it emerges from consciousness or nothingness.

How Exactly Is Consciousness Absolute Nothingness?

Consciousness is nothing quote

Consciousness is pure nothingness because it has to have absolutely zero properties in order for to create anything and everything.

Imagine this, imagine that you are able to create this clay that is truly infinite, and that out of this clay you can create anything in reality. What properties or how would this theoretical clay look like?

Your clay would look like nothing.

You see, if your infinite clay had a red color property, everything created from it would have a red color. Do you see the problem with that?

Any property given to your clay would interfere with the creation of everything.

So metaphorically speaking if you wanted a clay from which you can create anything and everything, you would want the clay to have zero everything.

The clay would have no size, no sound, no color, no mass, no smell, no texture, no shape, and nothing else. It would be pure nothing.

That is how you can think of consciousness, as pure nothing.

Concluding Thoughts

You probably are having some doubts and rightfully so, what I’m trying to explain here go against everything you were ever thought.

You are probably thinking that this is all way too mystical or fantastical to be true, but let me ask you, why not?

In fact, isn’t any other explanation just as fantastical? Isn’t everything fantastical?

Let’s look at the big bang, before the big bang happened everything just existed as a singularity, and for no reason the big bang happened.

How about everything is just energy, everything is just a collection of quarks, atoms, and molecules. These fundamental particles create everything and always existed, along with the 4 fundamental forces of reality, just because.

How about there being 1 all powerful creator who created everything for his liking and this one all powerful God will judge you upon your death.

So aren’t all the above scenario just as magical and fantastical? You bet your ass they are.

Science is great for measuring variables and categorizing but it will never be able to explain the origins of existence or consciousness, this is because science itself is done within reality/consciousness.

Even if one day science was able to create a it’s own reality or existence, that created reality will still have happened within this original existence.

Quantum mechanics is starting to prove that is consciousness real/nothingness is the fundamental nature of existence, not physical matter.

Quantum mechanics shows that all universal laws start to break down at the quantum level. Quantum mechanics is also proving that quarks come and go from nothingness. I will talk about how quantum mechanics points to a non physical reality in a future article.

The truth is whatever way you slice it reality is mystical and if you start to realize this and shift your paradigm from a brute materialist to a spiritually mystical one, you will significantly improve your life.

Now that you can kind of have a conceptual idea of what consciousness is I start creating practical content so that you can start doing actual consciousness work.

Remember, armchair philosophy will always be mental masturbation. In order to increase your consciousness level and eventually awaken you must put in the work.

In the near future I will talk about practical exercises and techniques to increase your consciousness, so subscribe and stay tuned.

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