Toy Joy Waterproof Powerful Clear Jelly Butt Plug

The Toy Joy Waterproof Powerful Clear Jelly Butt Plug combines an unbelievably simple design; with incredibly pleasurable sensations deep inside the anal orifice. It is designed in a sword-like shape, and features a slightly pointy tip deliberately designed to aid insertion and make penetration especially easy, from the tip the plug expands gradually before curving inwards at the base, the secure handle base is shaped like the hilt of a sword, and reinforced with a cross to prevent travel; as well as provide easy retrieval after play. At the base is the simple one-touch click-button control which regulates the toys vibrations. This toy is perfectly contoured to sit with the anatomy of the anus, and can be used by both men and women. It is 100% waterproof and offers the option for wet wild fun. Another interesting feature of this putt plug is that it easily stays in place during wear, and you can wear it for long periods with no discomfort whether indoors or outdoors, or during sex for enhanced stimulations. Be Sex Swings and Slings to make the plug slick with lube before insertion, a water-based lube is recommended for best results. The Toy Joy Waterproof Powerful Clear Jelly Butt Plug has a moderate size that is neither too big to cause pain, nor too small to be useless, which makes it an ideal option for newbies as well as advanced users. For aftercare purposes, this plug can easily be cleaned using hot soapy water or an antibacterial toy cleaner. You can also sterilize the toy by thoroughly wiping it down using a clean towel or cotton wool dipped in bleach solution. This butt plug measures 5 inches long, has 4.5 inches of insertable length, and a diameter of 4 inches, its firm, smooth and sleek with a translucent light blue finish. It’s a must have for all lovers of anal stimulation.
N/B: Do not store this toy along with other toys, store separately.

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