Top 5 Reasons To Visit Anne Frank House & Museum, Amsterdam


Lying in the heart of Amsterdamis the Anne house and museum which houses the secret place where Anne Frank penned her infamous diary of World War II. Visiting the museum is a must, touring the house which was once the refuge and home of Otto Frank, Anne’s father. He ran his company there on herbs and spices. When the situation took a death turn, he and his family went into hiding, June 12, 1942 and remained there till they were later arrested, August 4, 1944. Little Anne grew in that closed compact space in the absence of privacy…she grew, putting into writing her experiences, little did she know that her journal would one day be read by the world. Below are 5 reasons that will take you through her footsteps and deep into her experience.


Learn the concept of change

Going through her episodes, we know that Anne’s family was once a lively one, where they do things like shopping, playing, going to schools and others, but one day life smiled it’s’ mischief on them and cornered them with an unavoidable circumstances that shut them out of the world when they found themselves in another place with another family…but they moved on, even when they had to line up before using the bathroom…they still moved on… Go and learn yours.


Touch and see the diary

Some think the diary isn’t real, like it has been destroyed, but they’re wrong, the diary is still in its original manuscript, crisp but legible. This diary, to Anne, is more than a friend, but a comforter. The diary was a gift to her on her 13th birthday, and after hiding, it became her soul mate. She confided everything in it, her failures, joy, success, dreams, pains and all. Her first words,” I hope I will be able to confide everything to you…” shows just how much of a bond she had with it. Now, you have the chance at holding that diary.






Get captivated with different stories of people who risk their lives for the Franks

Soon they numbered up to 8 in the annex, food, clothing and supplies are needed, and will come from outside. This is where the helpers came in; the company’s employees risked their lives to bring them supplies. The door to the annex was a simple door to begin with, but friends who grew concerned that the Germans might break through one day…they were the ones who built the revolving bookcase to conceal the door… You get to hear more when you get there.




Get inspired by Anne’s Flexibility

She wrote in her diary, sitting beside her small window, gazing out at the sky, “as long as this still exists, and I’m allowed to experience this; this sunshine, that sky without passing clouds, for as long as that, I cannot be sad”. What words of inspiration!

The more reasons you must visit there, to get inspired.


Come back home with a new sense of hope

Your coming back, after experiencing all the aforementioned, will be with a new knowledge, a new understanding, a new hope, a new vision, a new drive and a new resolution.


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