How to Select the Best Backpack


What exactly is a backpack? It’s an expandable luggage piece, typically with a shoulder strap, made out of a hard, tough material. Most backpacks have a main compartment and several smaller pockets on the outside of the main compartment. A lot of people put books, wine bottles and their laptops in their backpack for traveling. Some even use theirs to carry around tools and gardening gear when they are away from home. However, you can use your backpack for a lot more things than those few items, if you know what you are getting yourself into.

First things first, who are you going to be using your backpack for? Are you just looking for a simple bag for short trips or overnights; for hiking, backpacking or camping; for international travel or complete-on outdoor expeditions? Or maybe you need a bit of everything, that will take a bit of shopping around or compromising with other bags. There are backpacks designed specifically for sports (often with hydration systems and lightweight leather/mesh straps), for packing (tote-like or ‘pack’ type packs) and for carrying (personally carried, on the back) as well as having removable straps for rolling around in.

The most important feature of a good backpack is the durability of the straps and zippers. Make sure that they will hold up to wear and tear from being worn repeatedly by you and everyone else in your travel party. The more durable the backpack the longer it will last; it will last until you have to replace it. Most backpacks come with removable straps and some with detachable straps, these are the kind you should focus on if you plan on doing a lot of hiking or backpacking.

Some backpack designs come with both a comfortable padded backpack which has two adjustable straps allowing you to customize the fit for your body weight and height. Other backpacks can have a vented main compartment, with waterproof mesh and a padded, breathable removable seat cushion. Backpacks with vented main compartments are the best for warm weather travel and the more vents the better for keeping your stuff dry and protected from the elements. If you will be doing a lot of hiking or backpacking long trips look for designs with removable padded shoulder straps and a padded, fully lined backpack. Find these best fjallraven kanken for sale.

In addition to the comfort of the backpack itself you should focus on what accessories it comes with. A padded waist belt helps distribute your weight and keeps your hips in a comfortable position for long hikes. Velcro on the front of the backpack makes it easier to get your gear in and out without the worry of it falling out. Padded shoulder straps are a must, and if your backpack is big enough and long enough there is no reason not to include a removable harness for added stability.

Many backpack manufacturers include zippered stash pockets, padded straps, and adjustable straps. This gives you the most options for organizing your gear and keeping it comfortable. Strap yourselves up and rock your pack hard! You’ll be amazed at how much extra comfort you get from your backpack. Try one of these lightweight packs for yourself; you’ll be happy you did.

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