Florida Car Insurance Types

A Florida car insurance policy usually contains several coverage types that is why it is vital for those looking for an insurance policy to do their homework to fully understand what types of coverage is the best for them. Many people who live in Florida think that a basic Florida car insurance is already good enough but this usually depends on a lot of factors. Some on the other hand just get full coverage because their insurers tell them that it is the best way to go. While this is often true, what works for John may not work for Bill.

According to personal injury lawyers, getting PIP or Personal Injury Protection is a good idea because this no-fault coverage will cover medical expenses of the injured person as well as lost wages due to a car crash. One has to note that the typical policy usually covers 80% of the expenses. Another coverage one should consider is liability coverage. This type of coverage protects the person who is insured from any legal liability in an event that he or she causes bodily harm or property damage with his or her car.

When taking a look at auto insurance quotes, you should also learn about medical payments coverage too. Unlike PIP, this Florida auto insurance coverage is a requirement of the state. Although some usually settle on having this instead of getting PIP as a supplemental coverage to save some money, you should weigh your options. The best thing to do is to listen to what your agent has to say and then study your situation carefully. The issue of how much money you can put in your insurance is very important but as experts say, adding more deductibles to your policy will lower the cost and will still get you enough protection.

Other coverage types that you should take a look at also include physical damage coverage. This coverage protects you from spending out of pocket when your vehicle is damaged due to an accident and it wouldn't matter whether you are at fault or not. Physical damage coverage is usually called either comprehensive or collision. There is a big difference with these two Florida car insurance coverage types. Comprehensive coverage for example is an all-risks policy while collision coverage is a type of Florida car insurance coverage that only covers losses sustained due to an impact with either another vehicle or an object.